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We know that these are challenging times in many respects but please be rest assured that HISA are here for you! We will be able to provide help in guiding your Club or Society through these difficult times and making sure that you have all the equipment you need to move your club/society online.

Please see some tips below:

  • Virtual tea and chat meetings – keep your usual meeting time and meet on Skype/Zoom/any other app that you might be using. If you do not have a code, let us know and we can facilitate that for you!
  • Continue Planning Events! Plan wonderful events for the time after the Corona virus has subsided and use this time wisely to get together as a committee to plan for bigger and better!
  • Get your membership details- An ideal time to look at your membership and how information could be collated. HISA need a list of names to ensure insurance is valid, so take this time to ensure you have a full member database. You can then use the excel spreadsheet, provided by HISA, and send this to us at your earliest convenience. You could also work out ways to gain membership and increase this by online promotion.
  • Create social media accounts (if you have not yet done so) – reach out to the students online to communicate more easily. We’re more than happy to share them on our local/regional HISA Facebook pages.
  •  Reflect - Use this time wisely! You could reflect on what you have done, and document this. Rather than moving to the next event, why not reflect on what has gone well, what could be better and how to make your club/society as sustainable as possible.
  • Constitution – If you want to go a step further, you can also set up a constitution for your society! This will increase the longevity and sustainability of your club/society, making sure that future students can benefit from what you have built up. If you would like to request an example constitution, we have one available for you!
  • Digital network – How about an online subscription to courses that expand your knowledge?
  • Regional Groups – If you’re interested in peeking across the boundaries of your academic partner, this is the time to do so. Get inspiration from other clubs/societies on how they structure theirs. Some societies have multiple branches, e.g. there are three archaeology societies across UHI and multiple book groups. How about a regional VC meeting? Again, we’re more than happy to assist you in bringing different groups together.
  • Workshops? If there are any workshops you would be interested in attending online to develop either your personal or club’s/society’s development, we would love to hear your ideas! 

For Sports’ Clubs: 

  • Skype fitness classes: Why not meet on Skype and facilitate exercising together? HISA could facilitate this for you if that’s something of interest to many of you!
  • Share some helpful exercises on Social media! - Facebook/Whatsapp group/via email, depending on the preferred communication channel
  • Try Strava! For more click below on Online Running Club

These are only a few examples of the many wonderful ideas of how to spend your time in lockdown. Make sure that you take care of yourself and the ones close to you and let us know if there is anything we can do to make this time easier for you.

Stay in touch with each other! 

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