First Steps

I want to start a club or society, what do I do?

  1. Check the list of clubs and societies available at your local campus to ensure you arent duplicating! 
  2. Speak to your local HISA team about starting a student group. If you're looking for a space to meet, they will be more than happy to help you with this
  3. Fill out the registration form here. You will need to fill out a committee member list and upload it on the microsoft form

  4. If you want a @uhi email address, please send us the email request form
  5. Later on: create a membership list (For insurance policies and a great way to ensure you are communicating to them all!)


What are the requirements of setting up a new club or society?

In order to start a student group, you need at least two committee members, a president and a secretary (or alternatively a treasurer), who must be students of UHI

What is a President? The President is a club /society figurehead. The President takes the ultimate responsibility and is essentially the manager of the student group

What is Secretary? The Secretary is generally responsible for the administration of the group; this includes arranging meetings and circulating minutes

What is a Treasurer? The role of the Treasurer is very specific. They must keep accurate and up to date financial records for the group. They will oversee the group's finances and should record all sources of income and expenditure.

Click here to see the list of tasks the individual committee members have.

If you’re a more established student group, you can add as many committee members as you need, such as social secretary, fundraising officer, and publicity officer for a few examples!

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