At the start of the academic year your club/society will be expected to re-register with HISA, which is now happening on Microsoft Form, please find the re-registration form here

To fill out the re-registration form you will need to complete:

  1.  The committee member list, by filling this out you agree to these details used within the organisation
  2.  A constitution, for an example constitution, please click here. Constitutions sound more daunting then they actually are: It is basically a set of rules that clubs and societies must adhere to by filling out this document. It offers a framework for action that helps you reach the club/society’s aims ("what?") and objectives ("how?") and provides you with a guide on how to deal with conflicts.
  3. An inventory list of the club’s equipment (only necessary if you have equipment) -  it is important to keep track of items that you have bought to make sure that many generations of your club or society can profit from them
  4. Fill out the membership form for insurance purpuses.


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