HISA Funding

Information for New and Existing HISA Clubs and Societies

Unlike other Student Associations, HISA offer funding to  both new and existing Clubs and Societies.

Currently, HISA offer new clubs and societies £50 as support to set up, depending on the nature of your activity.


For existing clubs, a fund is open at the start of the year for a ‘Start of year Grant’ – This year the funding applications were open from 1st September up until 1st October 2019.

This was a fund for existing clubs (a club that has been affiliated with HISA for longer than 6 months) to apply for funding for the upcoming year.

However, don’t despair, as we do have other funding available in a limited pot, so long as you are affiliated with HISA!

How to do this!
Please fill in the following form, and arrange a meeting with your local HISA representative:

HISA Affiliation Form

Your local rep will talk to you about the feasibility of your idea, and how best to accommodate your club or society in terms of room bookings, or outdoor space. HISA have a regional activities team who will then take the form and complete affiliation for you- this basically means you will be entitled to apply for HISA grants, gain insurance for your club/society and hear about any cool opportunities coming up!

If you’d like to apply for any of the grants, here are the forms:

Match Funding
Competition Grant
Discretionary Travel Grant

Terms and conditions of these can be found in the HISA Clubs and Societies Handbook.

The boring bits:

Terms and Condition for existing club funding (Applications NOW CLOSED):

Funding for both existing clubs and societies and new clubs and societies is now open

  • An ‘existing’  club & society is a club that has been affiliated with HISA for 6 months or more. A ‘new’ club & society is a club or society that has been affiliated with HISA S for less than 6 months.
  • The closing date for applications is 1st October at 12noon, with funding being allocated, and emailed out to club or society presidents & treasurers by 5pm on 2nd October
  • In order to apply, your club or society must be affiliated with HISA – forms are available for new ones, and those who affiliated with HISA last year, must re-affiliate in order for this to apply. The reasons are for insurance purposes, and for us hold accurate data on which clubs and societies run in which place and who to contact  
  • Funding is not negotiable and will be allocated based on detailed applications,  nature of club/society, forward planning and previous expenditure where applicable.


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