LGBTQIA+ History Month


LGBTQIA+ History Month UK is an important month every February to recognise the history of influential figures in the community's history as well as the gay rights and related civil rights movements that have improved the visibility, safety and importantly, the basic rights of LGBTQIA+ people. 

The letters in the acronym, LGBTQIA+, each stands for a different segment of the community:

Lesbian - A term for those who identify as a homosexual female. 

Gay - A term for those who identify as a homosexual male. 

Bisexual - A person who is attracted to both genders.

Trans - The umbrella term for all transgender and transsexual people.

Queer/Questioning - The umbrella term for those who are not heterosexual or cisgender, or who may be questioning their sexuality.

Intersex - The umbrella term that describes bodies that fall outside of the male/female binary.

Asexuality - Those who have little or no sexual attraction to people of either gender.

+ - To represent all those who do not identify with any of the previous terms but are part of the community.


Resources & Events

To help you learn about LGBTQIA+ history as well as the struggles they have and still do face, we have a resources list of what to watch, read and listen to this month including television picks like It's A Sin and the groundbreaking podcast The Logbooks. Click here to go to the LGBTQIA+ resources list

Throughout the month, HISA VPFE, Ash Morgan, is highlighting famous LGBTQIA+ people and communities from history as well as current-day people working for good on our social media platforms! 

We will be announcing some events very soon so stay tuned for more! 



We've put together this Spotify playlist full of fantastic tunes from queer artists, both iconic hits from legends and from newer artists you might not have heard of. Check it out below or click here to open the playlist on a new page. 



To find out more about LGBTQIA+ History Month UK, click here to go to their official website.


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