About this Event

In celebration of the World Earth Day on the 22nd April 2021, HISA as an organisation will take the opportunity to raise awareness about environmental issues and build environmental and climate literacy in students. In close coalition with our own Sustainable Development Society and the Shetland Green Team we created a series of talks, workshops and panel discussions all around the environmental challenges we are facing as a society today. The goal is to develop practical skills as well as a sense of optimism and empowerment to tackle the issues we will have to collectively face in the future.


11-12pm Food – Workshop with Transition Turriefield from Shetland

In this workshop with ‘Transition Turriefield’ we will hear about the nature of their community agriculture project and you will also gain some practical skills on how to grow your own food at home!


2-3pm Fashion – The Fight Against Foul Fashion

A variety of speakers have been invited and will present their exciting work in the fight against foul fashion. Rebecca Smith is a UHI Lecturer for Sustainable Development at Lews Castle College and has started the 'Bayble Exchange Project' to bring new life to old clothes. We have also invited Emma Kidd, a writer, independent researcher and sustainability activist for the last ten years, who is going to talk about the 'Fast Fashion Detox Challenge' she has conducted for her PhD. 


4-5pm Employability – Green Opportunities in the Highlands

We have invited different organisations to give a brief introduction of their work and the growing sectors in providing sustainable work opportunities.

Among these are Trees for Life, HIE (Science Skills Academy), Zero Waste Scotland and more.


6-7pm Panel Discussion – Future of Green

The closing event of the day is a panel discussion with representatives from different key political positions in the Highlands.

Our line up includes Joe Perry, the Climate Change Coordinator for the Highland Council and Ariane Burgess from the Green Party who will answer questions around the three topics Food, Fashion and Employability.


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