Local Executives


Representing you locally

At each of our 13 academic partners, you will have a Local Officer to represent you.

The role of the Local Officer is to make sure your views and ideas influence decisions where you study. The Local Officer works alongside your Class or Course Reps, to make sure your opinions and concerns are heard, and will inform you about any changes taking place as a result of this.

Local Officers have many duties including:

  • Sitting on the board of management and other committees
  • Sitting on HISA's Executive Committee and Regional Council
  • Meeting with Class Reps
  • Helping to deliver local events and activities


As well as your HISA Regional team, UHI students have representatives at their local college.

The role of your HISA Local Officer (sometimes also called Depute) is to make sure your student voice is heard and influences decisions where you study.

Your HISA Local Officer(s) works alongside class and course representatives, to address your ideas and concerns. 

They also sit on the Board of Management and other committees at your college, to ensure there is student input into all policies and plans that affect learning, teaching and your student experience. 

Your HISA Local Officer can assist you to establish clubs and societies and they also run events at your college.

They are full voting members of HISA’s Executive Committee and Regional Student Council and are responsible for delivering HISA's strategy and policies where you study. 

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