Ending your Year

AGM (Annual General Meeting)

In order to vote a new committee for the next year, your club/society will need to have an AGM at the end of the year. This will give all your members a chance to hear about how your group has developed over the year, what the financial status of the group is and to vote for a new committee. If you need help organising an AGM, please don’t hesitate to contact us under hisaactivities@uhi.ac.uk

Please find a guide on how to organise an AGM here.



A handover is crucial to ensure the continued existence and success of your group. It gives you the chance to reflect on the year and pass on useful tips for the upcoming year. For the incoming committee it is incredibly useful to have this essential information.

The few simple steps will help make sure that your club/society survives the summer break and re starts on the first day of the new academic year. Even if it is you that comes back to run the club for the next year, it is still worth doing it as a reminder to yourself.

Handover time is the period of time between your new committee being elected and taking over the running of the society. This can be a period of weeks or months and varies from group to group. Handover starts as soon as your AGM is over!

Here is the handover document!

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