FAQ for the Start up of your Club/Society

Should the club/society charge for membership?

The choice here is yours. Depending on how many trips you want to plan and how much money it costs you to run your club or society should reflect whether you need to charge for membership. For example, if you are paying for space, or rentals of pools etc, a small membership fee may help sustain the group. It can also keep costs down for trips.

What help will I receive from HISA?

Your amazing local officer will be the first point of call for you for advice and HISA have a dedicated activities administrator, and an activities manager for any expertise you may require- you're not alone! 

Do you need a constitution?

Constitutions are used quite a lot in sporting clubs. They are basically a set of aims and rules for your group to adhere to - it’s a statement of what your group is going to do and how it is going to do it. It is important because:

  • A written understanding is easier to pass down to new members
  • Jobs are more likely to get done
  • It will serve as a reference, and help to resolve problems in times of controversy
  • Outsiders, especially potential funders, will want to see that your group is democratic and accountable. This involves having a clear procedure by which decisions are made

Please note that a constitution is a necessity for clubs and societies that have been in existence over one year. Here is the template for a constitution and an example of how it could look like.

How can you get involved in your local fresher’s fayre?

Please contact your local officer for this and try to do this as advanced as you can. It’s usually possible to find you space and it’s a fantastic opportunity to gain some more members! That said, it may be something your committee think about to have a few promotion events through the year to promote membership. In the current climate we will accomodate as best as we can and involve you in any online activities we put on, but we are always open to new ideas! 

Can the club/society have social media accounts?

Of course you can - just make sure you just let HISA know the name of your accounts so we can promote any events you have - and don’t forget to tag us!



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