Affiliation to Third Parties

Advice should be sought from HISA staff before entering any agreement or contracts.

Approval must be obtained from HISA’s Activities Team and a Regional officer for any agreements or contracts which bear any financial implications, prior to the signing and/or submission of such documents. HISA must then be provided with a final copy of all signed agreement documents. Such documents may include, but are not exhaustive to, rental/hire agreements, sponsorship contracts, funding applications, on-going purchase agreements, etc. If this is not followed, HISA will choose not to recognise the agreement, and will not provide funding for it.

HISA recognises clubs/societies right to affiliate with those they choose, however, may initiate disciplinary procedures against any society affiliation that:

I) Conflicts with an existing contract between HISA and a third party

II) Would in any way constitute a breach of HISA policy.

III) Would bring the charitable aims of HISA into question, or in any way damage the reputation of HISA.

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